D.C. Area Weekly Newsletter information

What it is

The D.C. Area Graduate Student Weekly Newsletter shares administrative announcements, events, services, job opportunities, and requests for research participants with graduate students enrolled in programs in the greater Washington, D.C., metro area and other Northern Virginia campuses. 

Who receives the newsletter and when

The newsletter is emailed to all graduate students enrolled in programs in the greater Washington, D.C., on Mondays before noon. The first issue will be sent to students Aug. 21, 2023. The mailing list is updated each semester.

A link to a subscriber request form (https://forms.gle/gQLsJq46dhsqmp6C8) will be at the bottom of every newsletter.

How to submit a post for the newsletter

Postings must be relevant to graduate students in the greater Washington, D.C., metro area.

Submit posting requests by 3 p.m. Friday using this Google form: https://gs.vt.edu/weeklylistserv.

Submissions must

  • Include the name and contact information (phone number and/or email address) of the requesting person or organization;
  • Not exceed 150 words; 
  • Not include attachments such as photos or fliers.
  • Include URLs instead of hotlinks to websites or pages.
  • Note when the post should run.

Submissions will be edited to fit newsletter style and formatting requirements.

Newsletter layout

The newsletter provides a numbered summary list of the postings included in it each week at the top of the publication after the welcome paragraph.

After the summary list, each full post is available under its section heading, numbered order.


  • Ongoing services for students
  • This week’s events and activities
  • Administrative announcements
  • Jobs
  • Volunteers and research participants sought

Where to find current and past newsletters

The D.C. Area Weekly postings are archived on this site: https://dcareaweekly.graduateschool.vt.edu.

Who manages the newsletter

Cathy Grimes, Graduate School communications director, cathg14@vt.edu

Backup: Carrie Mayer, Graduate School operations and training coordinator, caduke2@vt.edu

Backup: Associate Dean’s executive assistant, when hired